I Heart LessConf 2011

I heart Less Conference 2011!

This is my third year doing chair massage at Less Conference and it is always a blast!

I can't help but be SO proud of my creative, hilarious brother Allan Branch and his genius, crazy business partner Steve Bristol who put together such a great conference full of inspiration business speakers and fun activities (like a "snack time" of milk and cookies and a musical visit from an ice cream truck!). I can't tell you much about the speakers because I am always busy working on a few people who take a quick break or I'm helping set up/clean up, but everyone always raves about them. :-) The guys (and a few token girls) who come to this conference are great and it's so cool to help relax their neck and back muscles overworked from too much computer time. For this humble massage therapist, what they talk about sounds like Greek to me, but I try to keep up with them as much as possible. If you are on Twitter, check out #lessconf and read all about it or see some rockin' pictures on Facebook under LessConf. 

Check out some cool websites below! Go Geek or GO HOME! :-)