What I Love About Summer!

As I floated in the pool tonight, I realized that I do enjoy a few of the benefits of summer. I know that I complain about having a heat-induced coma by 10:00 am and the sky-rocketed electric bills, but there are a few perks to summer.

Strawberries, peaches and watermelon- oh my! (and yummy) The fruits and vegetables are amazing during the warmer months and I love me some fresh squash, zucchini and corn. A great crisp, fresh salad for lunch and frozen blueberries in my cereal for breakfast. Yum!


Summer is a time for vacation fun with family and friends. Long weekends, afternoons off or a week or two away help relax the mind, body and spirit. Whether it's a trip to the beach, a


 cruise or just time away from work, any vacation refreshes, calms and rejuvenates. (Don't forget a massage on your vacation!)


Freshly cut grass--Pool time--Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill--Sunscreen--Ice cold lemonade (or sweet tea)-- Beach balls--Summer time is here!!