What's Your Favorite Kind of Massage?

Most of the massages I do are uniquely me or as I call them, therapeutic massages. They are a combination of deep tissue and Swedish relaxation, it's the best of both worlds. If the client is really tight or needs a little extra de-stressing, I like to throw in some hot stones or hot towels. :-)


There are hundreds of different kinds and styles of massage though. 
Everything from Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage to aromatherapy massage, 
from reflexology to prenatal (or pregnancy)massage, from Thai massage to sports massage.
As a massage therapist, the hard part is finding your niche in the wide wide world of massage all the while putting your spin or style into it. This all came to mind as I am trying to decide what CEU (continuing education unit) or class to take next and I am overwhelmed with options and ideas.

Last year, I had the awesome opportunity to take all my classes on a 7 day cruise with Royal Carribean and it was cool. Not enough vacation for me, but it was a nice business write off. I learned all about lympathic massage, marketing massage and tax tips while cruising in the middle of the Carribean. (my husband enjoyed pina coladas at the pool and naps back in our room while I was in class!)

So what to take next? So many classes, so little time and money! What's your favorite massage?