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A traditional light flowing massage refreshes, and calms the body and mind.  Sliding, kneading, stroking and vibration increase circulation and lymphatic flow. Personalized aromatherapy is included in your massage to enhance the senses and relieve sinus pressure.

30 minute de-stressor massage $45               60 minute full body rejuvenation $75             90 minute ultimate relaxation $105


Deep Tissue

This specialized technique uses deep compression and firm pressure to slowly melt and penetrate deep into the layers of tissues.  Tension headaches, whiplash or car accident injuries, sports related aches and pain, neck tension, chronic low back pain, bulging/herniated discs can all be treated with deep tissue massage to help decrease pain and increase healing.

30 minute $45                60 minute $75              90 minute $105



Relaxation and rejuvenation for mommy-to-be and baby!

Available only after the 1st trimester, pregnancy massage can help ease headaches, low back pain, swelling while lying comfortably in the side-lying position. 

 60 minute $75              90 minute $105


Combination Therapeutic

Relaxation combined with deeper pressure in your specific target or problem areas. The most popular massage we offer and sell~ come experience the “best of both worlds”!

30 minute $45                60 minute $75               90 minute $105


Basalt Hot Stone

Melt away tension and stress with hot Basalt stones and deeply healing for mind, body and soul.  Incorporation of hot stones in either Deep Tissue or Swedish massage enhances the massage experience to a whole new level!

75 minute full body $100



Say goodbye to cellulite!

Lypossage is a research-based treatment that can deliver realistic results.  With a commitment of 2-3 sessions of 30 minutes for 6 weeks, you can achieve measurable results.  This treatment is a precise combination of myofascial release, complex physical therapy, tapotement and lymphatic massage which helps beat, roll and flush out toxins in the skin causing cellulite.

MSRP $1895 for 18 sessions for one zone

Our package pricing 

$1080 for 18 sessions (for one zone)  $815 msrp savings

$1800 for 18 sessions (for two zones- 60 minutes)  $1,990 msrp savings


Facial Massage

This add-on takes your massage to the next level. Relieve sinus pressure, headaches and relax tense muscles in the face and head. Keeping that southern smile is hard work and requires your face to receive the necessary attention.

15 minute $25 (sold as an add-on only) 30 minute $45 (sold as add-on only)


Treat those Tootsies!

This add-on to your massage will have your feet feeling like they are walking on air.  Lets be honest our feet take a pounding. So, come on and give those tootsies the additional attention they need! This is great for those runners out there!

15 minute $25 (sold as an add-on only)


Massage Packages

Regular massage has been shown to decrease pain, tension, headaches and stress. Massage increases your immune system while making it easier to treat small issues & problems as they arise. 


Things to know about our packages

* Choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue or Therapeutic. Select all the same massage type or mix & match!

*Purchasing packages SAVES YOU MONEY!!

* Packages can be SHARED! Immediate family members only.

* Package pricing available at spa location only.

* Packages expire. Expiration date begins from purchase date.


30 Minute Massages

3 pack for $120.   3 month expiration.

6 pack for $240.   6 month expiration.


60 Minute Massages

3 pack for $195.   3 month expiration.

6 pack for $390.   6 month expiration.


90 Minute Massages

3 pack for $285.   3 month expiration.

6 pack for $570.   6 month expiration.



 Make sure to check out our FAQ page for Cancellation & No-Show Policies.